Anybody ever get your STOP order fill, even though bid-ask wasn't close?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shshao, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. shshao


    InteractiveBrokers has some of the best technology and features. But some real crooks on their trading desk, real smart crooks.

    They triggered my STOP BUY order at 43.50, when the bid-ask was at 39-40... which confused me because I didn't see it on my 1 minute chart.

    So I contacted them to complain. While online, I checked the 1 minute chart, and MAGICALLY the 43.50 print appeared! They backfilled the 1 minute quote for NQM9. Amazing.

    I checked the TICK charts again, and confirmed with my database, no trades were made at 43.50.

    I've concluded that IB is great for trading, but only for active traders, who withhold their stops. I've smartened up, and have your stops ready with your mouse, not sent to IB. If they see your stop, they'll make money from you.
  2. They're on to you man! Run like hell!:p
  3. IB is a bucketshop. :cool:

    You said it, we all know it.

  4. mxjones


    They also know where you keep your spare house key. Now that they fleeced you on that one contract, they will be coming for your TV and stereo.
  5. pspr


    Were you relying on IB quote feed for price or do you use a 3rd party quote provider?

    The reason I ask is that IB doesn't print all prices. I often see ranges on my 1 min. esignal charts that never show traded on IB data.

    Ask for time and sales from the exchange if you still doubt their explanation.
  6. Dak


    Let us know the exact time of the trade and the answer of IB.
  7. Unfortunately pspr is right. The attached charts showed Tradestation (TS) data vs (IB) data collected by Multicharts. Assuming your problem was at 16:07, the high of 1343.75 was traded with TS data, but not shown to have traded with IB data.



    IB data:
    Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Volume
    4/23/2009,4:05:17 PM,1338.50,1338.50,1336.25,1337.25,1410,1410.00
    4/23/2009,4:06:21 PM,1338.00,1340.50,1337.25,1340.50,817,817.00
    4/23/2009,4:07:40 PM,1340.25,1340.75,1337.50,1339.50,1232,1232.00
    4/23/2009,4:09:30 PM,1339.75,1339.75,1338.00,1338.25,1305,1305.00
    4/23/2009,4:10:28 PM,1338.50,1339.25,1331.50,1333.00,2212,2212.00
    4/23/2009,4:11:03 PM,1333.25,1338.25,1333.25,1338.25,2141,2141.00