Anybody else's YM just spike all the way to 12627?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by steve0617, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. on the 12:44CDT 1 minute bar?

    Or is it just my Tradestation bad tick?
  2. I see it on a Bridge / Reuters chart. Wasn't watching close enough to tell if it's a bad tick.
  3. RAY


    It did, I got a partial fill at 12618 (exit longs) so I am not complaining.
  4. abxs


    I was long, not complaining neither
    but all other markets acting normal... only such a spike up 50 points doesn't look normal to me... anybody pushed the wrong button? :confused:
  5. The volume appears light so far this week, because of Good Friday. It's easy to gun a market on light volume. Heck look what happened to the ER/ES on a mediocre housing report.
  6. Simply 'they' tested the breakout traders with 300 lots all the way up... :p
  7. Probably a Fat-Finger, somebody lost their job! Who knows could be this, a bad-tick the question is did you profit from it???
  8. I've seen this when an error is made. Someone places an order to by 10 contracts and accidently clicks 100 or 1000 lots. . .. . don't laugh it happens !
  9. I get bad ticks between eSignal and TS all the time.