Anybody Else's IB TWS Down?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Joe Doaks, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Mine cratered about 9:50 ET. Thanks.
  2. fhl


    Me too.
  3. Bob111


    no problems (PA)
  4. Thanks. I'm back up. If you don't mind saying, who do you use as a backup to IB? Been with them over ten years and this is the first time I got pissed off enough to think about a backup. You can guess that I was in a dicey trade. Thanks.
  5. Bob111


    it's probably depends on your style. i'm trying to stay market neutral, so-if there is internet problem-the trading system design can handle it.
    as for backup-i'm using fios and if i need a backup-i would use comcast and dual wan router.
  6. Thanks, Bob, I have connectivity redundancy also. Primary is cable, backup is wirelsss. Congratulations on the neutrality of your system. Must be a comforting feeling. Ordinarily I wouldn't be so pissed. My systems generally stop out quickly, or run all day. This outage was in that never-never land where the probability of being stopped out is still high. Now I have to spend tonight researching other futures brokers.
  7. Bob111


    it's looks more like internet problem, not a broker. in IB's defense i can say that
    for at least 2-3 years i remember only one relatively long disconnection. like 3-5 min or so. that's about it. and i trade all day,every day. no vacations :)
  8. pspr


    Mine's fine. Do see this bulletin though.

    To all traders:
    Tue Aug 3 09:58:56 2010 EST

    Clients may experience problems routing orders for US Options; we are currently investigating the issue.
  9. Thanks, guys. If it is internet it must have been local or nearly so to IB, because my connections to other places were fine.
  10. moarla


    check your ping time for the IB server. IB tolerates something about max. 180ms, then you have a problem.

    Me in europe didnt have any problem today
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