Anybody else's ER2 quotestream from IB go down today?

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  1. This afternoon, IB sent out a bulletin that Globex data was 'unavailable'. It was out for about an hour intermittenly, before it was back on.

    Anybody else get the same, either on IB or other service? Is this their mehtod of %$#@@^&* with traders?

    I am curious how widespread this was today.


  2. IB had an outage with all GLOBEX data. It was IB specific, my other feed was fine. While I was royally pissed off, on the other hand this is the first time my feed has dropped out in all the time I've used IB and stored quotes since April 2005. Given that my other feed has died three times since then, I guess I can't really complain (OK I can, but not too much).

    I'm curious -- did anyone have orders that went through during that time? My stops weren't triggered (the actual prices never hit) so I'm not sure if they would have hit or not. I'm guessing no since GLOBEX stops are simulated -- more reason to use stop limits instead....

  3. I see these 'bulletins' regularly, usually for the PSE, from IB, and in many instances near the expirations, though it happens frequently enough at other times.

    So, you were getting quotes and could trade on another platform even while IB was 'down'?

    I have a strong sense that this is occuring by design, and not for the benefit of the customers, in every instance.
  4. I'd have to disagree -- who out there runs a brokerage "designed" to screw their customers? If you search you'll find a ton of threads on ET about how IB sucks. I even think they may open a special forum for griping about IB. At least then the rest of us don't have to read it.

    There are plenty of other brokers .... just hope IB will approve your account when you come back.
  5. I was too VERY disappointed with IB yesterday...

    It was so hard to see BIG opportunities and to be on the side line... FRUSTRATING...

    So for every noobs... there is only solutions, DIVERSIFICATION...

    Don't let a broker have u... Be ever moving... ever changing... ever adaptation...

    It will be very interesting to create a special post for the problems that had a broker and make some charts/ stats...
  6. For me the important take aways from today are:

    1. Every broker will have problems sooner or later, so having a backup broker and plan in place is paramount

    2. No matter how stable a feed is, sooner or later it will go down (first outage in 16 months for GLOBEX with IB -- I'd consider that stable but remember nothing is 100.0%)

    3. Every outage is not caused by your broker trying to take your money (unless you're pit trading -- then your broker's entire goal is *just* to take your money).
  7. My empirical observation was that Globex has been very reliable. It's the first outage I've personally seen.

    ECBOT on the other hand seems to be having problems recently. Enough that it'd make me leery of trading YM.

    It's always a risk with electronic trading that you'll end up with open positions through an outage. I wouldn't have an open position without at least an attached stop order "just in case" even if it's somewhat far away from entry. Just for sanity.
  8. I was a little bite excited... :D Today for the Fed all was perfect :cool:

    i agree totally with you... it make me feel that i need more than a dial backup for "emergency" connection... second high band will be ordered soon...

    There is only one thing in life that is sure : it's uncertainty !
  9. If you do some searching you can find posts about dual wan routers, multiple ISPs, etc. I personally use two separate routers with a DSL and cable connection. I've never had my cable go down, but I've lost DSL about 2-3 times in the last year but I never lost connectivity to IB for more than about 20 seconds (as windows switched over to the other connection).

    I can say it's definitely frustrating though -- and a pain if you're running an automated system based on the data flowing from IB....which I am. I had to manually backfill the data...not a big problem, just a small one....
  10. xiaohu


    So did anyone have simulated Stops on IB that suffered unnecessary losses as a result of this error on IB's end.

    Did IB compensate you guys ?

    Would like to know thanks.
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