Anybody else worried about IB?

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Are you worried as well?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Im not IB client, or want to see results

  1. When I last checked, IB was rated BBB+ by S&P which means close above non-investment grade. Anybody else worried of their funds beeing there? I'm personally deeply worried. The grade was from before shit hit the fan in terms of market movements..
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  2. clacy


    IB has some fairly stringent margin requirements and liquidation procedures IMO
  3. hafez50


    Then you need to stick your money under a mattress. If they go somebody will buy them . If not your money is toilet paper anyway .Nobodys ever lost a dime in a spic brokerage account
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  4. Plus their segregated funds dollar amount is insane last time I checked.

    I don't think either stock or futures account holders should be concerned...
  5. Most of IB is owned by the managers, skin in the game. They care 0.5% of their debt rating but on their ability to survive forever.
  6. I'm European IB client. Means bail in for me, I would be a shareholder without further notice. That seems far more likely then losing all at once.
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  7. Thanks, that calmed my nerves a lot.
  8. ZBZB


    They post monthly statistics in the investor relations section of their website. I expect customer equity to decline as long only investors lose money and withdrawals are made. I took the cash out of my account.
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  9. ajacobson


    SIPC only really good for the first half million and capped at 250,000 cash - so everyone has pretty much to a distributed FDIC bank system. Excess IMHO won't survive a really bad event and even if it did the coverage is aggregate so not all that meaningful Madoff and MF Global both had SIPC on the equity side. MF was EVENTUALLY made whole and Madoff may actually get close. A lot will depend on what creates the shock to the system
  10. Edmond


    what did you do with the cash?
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