Anybody else short US 30 Bond

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  1. I entered short on Sunday globex open at 113-26. So far I am getting zapped. Anybody else in a short "position" trade? I need cuddling.
  2. Short 115'17 and covered half at '06.
  3. Surdo


    If they go past 116....These have a little more juice to the upside, I do not think they will go much higher than 116 '08 - 116 '16.

    You will be ok.

    el surdo

    ***edited...not to confuse anybody!
  4. I've written a lot on this, and used to be a bond bear (for inflationary reasons mostly. $95 crude, 6%+ real inflation and 4% yields long duration don't quite jive)... i'm now converted. If the prognosis for the economy is lousy, I think long duration yields will gravitate towards a flattening curve in relation to the short duration (which means 30-40% upside against a short). And thats right, commodities will likely take a hit as demand slows and y/y inflation numbers will turn *negative*.

    Only in hindsight will 4.0%+ yields on long term maturities seem crazy considering the condition. Thats your bull case.
  5. Well..they just hit 116:eek:

  6. Surdo


    116 was a perfect sale my Bond trading brothers!

    I will resell them when next rally.

    good trading!

    el surdo
  7. Nice Trade Surdo. Good call on that one! I am still holding short
  8. Surdo


    Do you "trade around" the position much to enhance your average?

    e s
  9. bondo got smoked after TAF auction now bid strong you can not hold positions in these markets unless you can take a lot of heat, earnings and rumors cause crazy movements
  10. jasonjm


    errr any reason it should not go right back up to 119 ?

    i dont see why not
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