Anybody else having problems with Trade Ideas today?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Math_Wiz, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. I can't log on to the software today, can't even open the website, and I wrote to one guy I know there 4 hours ago but he hasn't written back yet. Anybody else having problems with Trade Ideas today?

    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  2. jim c

    jim c

    Mine is working just fine. Just got an update @ 9:10 cst. jim
  3. Thanks. Mine started working fine at 10am. Got a message from a techie at Trade-Ideas, he said everything is fine there. He thinks I have a virus, maybe even the Conficker virus. Bummer. :(

    I'm running some anti-spyware now (at least 5 different ones).

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  4. tarus


    I did not have trade -Ideas both web based nor TI pro until aftter 10:00 Am The bummer was that I could not use Quote tracker based system with my TI alert windows active. QT would not load. After 10:00 all was well. I now have configured a Back-up system that does not use Active TI alert windows. I'm also hoping that QT can provide a work around when TI goes down.

    I spent 3 hours on my main system doing a full system scan so I know it was not the hardware.
  5. This is your first post on ET? I'm honored.

    Thanks for your input. Yes, I had to terminate Trade Ideas with the Task Manager, and perhaps I was lucky that worked! I tried a few more times (including rebooting), and had the same problem each time. Each time I terminated Trade Ideas with the Task Manager.

    Finally I proceeded to trade without Trade Ideas. :(

    And then I tried again at 10am and discovered that it was working properly again! Delighted, but a little nervous about possible infections on my computer.

    I found only one trojan with Spybot, called (I think) Win32.pz, or something like that. All my other antivirus programs found nothing. I then rebooted. Everything seems fine at the moment. I hate not knowing if I'm infected with any virus or not.

    As far as possibly being infected with Conficker goes, I found this interesting "Conficker Eye Chart" from I don't know how good or accurate it is, but at least I came up Scot-free on this test:

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  6. tarus


    I think the problem was on TI's end and not ours. I currently run several computers and all could not access TI during the friday morning period. This includes their website. On one set up I run Quote tracker without trade Ideas, The other set up has many TI imbedded alerts. That system would not completly load. Then after 10:00 ish all is well again. I am surprised that representation from TI has not posted. Also on Friday morning,when I tried to load TI pro on the small system the connection color was yellow' and the trading platform slowed to a crawl. I'm now a bit nervious to depend on the imbedded system.
  7. I am a little surprised also at no posts from TI. However, my best guess here is that the problem was on our end, not TI's. I say this because I believe alot of traders here use TI, and if there was really a problem on TI's end, then lots of traders would have posted here with complaints, but nobody complained except for us. Therefore, I suspect the problem was ours alone. :(

    Well anyways, let's see how next week goes.

    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  8. bellman


    FWIW, seemed to work fine for me all day.