Anybody else have erroneous positions at IB this morning?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by chud, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. chud


    When I started up TWS this morning, I had a position that wasn't showing yesterday after the close or when I shut down TWS at 5AM EST this morning.

    After looking at my activity report I noticed that the position was showing up there. My exported execution report though shows what TWS showed - that I opened and closed the day flat.

    Anybody else have an issue like this today?
  2. no unusual trades here. what does IB say?
  3. Not that, but I found the average price of my positions was randomly updating during the day. I was short oil from 40.5 and found the average price updated to 46 randomly. This threw off all the profit/loss displays although the actual account balances were correct. I upgraded TWS (I was on 886) and I'll see if I have the problem again.
  4. It's not exactly unheard of. It happens to me all the time, but it always resets eventually. After a few weeks of using TWS, I realized that I'd better keep manual track of my P & L. It's a hassle, but I do it.
  5. nassau


    not having that issue and please forgive me using your post to ask a question.
    some of the traders here are trading es and when they open es we keep seeing a block of contracts on bid and ask but we are occassionally getting flash blocks on the bid above the ask so we are having 2 blocks of bids one below and one above the ask.

    I personally don't use booktrader and this is the first this trader has seen it.
    The only thing and I would be guessing is it is a pool of institution orders ?