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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Flashboy, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. I'm using basically because its cheap and I only use a moving average and Stochastics so I don't need anything elaborate..

    But I find their system is down so often its getting really annoying..

    anybody else use them?? if so, do you have any problems with them?
  2. suck bad last few days. constantly changing servers.
  3.'s charting / server combination is analogous to lipstick on a pig.
  4. Guess I'm going to have to find somebody else and pay more..

    Beats the hell out of coming in looking forward to a good day of trading only to not have your software working.. I'd rather spend the day with my ex-wife...
  5. I have had problems too through all the morning. Not the first time since I restarted my subscription to LC. I thought it was maybe my connection but since you guys experienced the same problems it's not. They have the best looking multi day charts and it's cheap, reliability used to be OK a year ago or so.
  6. Be sure you're not confusing the low end LiveCharts with the Qcharts feed. Haven't seen any problem with my Qcharts connection today.
  7. Yes they have the worst feed I have ever seen; gettting bogged down all the time. The rest is ok ; FEED is horrible; I will be switching soon....:mad:
  8. Wait, is the same as Qcharts????? This is confusing. In the other forum(Qcharts: Are their servers still junk? ), I asked and people said it was OK. And now it's not?

    If it's worst than TS7 then I ain't going to switch over. So, what is is guys?

    I'm still waiting for my free month trial password and login for qcharts. I guess when it comes I can evaluate.
  9. "today"

  10. software is fine ; if you are banking on good data don't cause it is horrible ; need more reliability to trade on .. gets bogged down to much and having to switch servers to often.. not worth it
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