Anybody diversifying out of dollars?

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  1. Is anybody protecting their purchasing power by changing their dollars into other currencies, by say switching into euros or swiss francs? Of course it feels pretty late to be doing this now, when a lot of damage has already been done.
  2. Get out now while you still can. The dollar is going down and going down hard. The FOMC statement sends a super strong signal that the economy is going to hell so expect more cuts, "inflation will moderate." LMAO
  3. Yes.... seven years ago.

  4. global bonds (non-emerging markets) work too.
  5. yes two years ago.

    Not in bonds....they will fall harder than the dollar.
  6. Gold, back in 2005
  7. actual gold? what form? coins? blocks?

    or mining stocks or a gold ETF?

    at any rate I missed the boat on the gold play
  8. dewton


    Diversify into Chinese Yuan :D

  9. dozu888


    have about 10% of liquid asset in chinese yuan and commodities. not enough :mad:

    hey, but you don't want to over-do it either...... sentiment is so negative on the dollar and US assets, the reversal can be quite violent also.

  10. Sentiment is bearish on USD, not assets. As evidenced by the many foreign liquidity injections into US corporate assets.

    What would be the cause for a USD reversal?

    Any reversal will begin with short covering rally, what would make shorts cover here?
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