Anybody Catching A Whiff Of This?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Floor broker tipp off> (PEIX) Pacific Ethanol wakes up, runs to new session highs on heavy volume on BP-for-PEIX rumor????

    Haven't owned PEIX in many a moon afraid to look where it's trading> did an $18 to $29 as I remember when some big investor took a stake- Buffet?
  2. Iowegian


    Buffett is the last person in the world to go long ethanol. In fact, at his last Capitalist Woodstock, or whatever he calls the shindig, he said there was no value whatsoever in ethanol production. Ethanol is a commodity with low barrier to entry. Farmers have made it for years.
  3. Yeah, but what about ADM?
  4. Iowegian


    and why do you think ADM (or Cargill or -----) is interested and how do you know this?
  5. Iowe- Some big investor maybe it was Gates invested in PEIX that's when I got in.

    Now the rumor is BP to buy not ADM.

    How do I know these things?
    I'm stoned.
  6. Unsubstantiated rumor mill.

    Stoney says ADM won't buy PEIX.

    But I will buy ADM. With government subsidies leading the way, they will be the central processor for a record amount of not only ethanol, but biodiesel, regardless of what happens to the price.

    That's the beauty of ADM. They have a guaranteed 'bumper crop' of corn and soybeans their way, for processing.
  7. Iowegian


    Moore's Law says these ethanol producers drop by 50% every few months... not withstanding a few hiccups... not including ADM.