Anybody buying this DIP????

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saxon22, May 4, 2007.

  1. Ok guys, anybody up for it, or are we running out of breath????
  2. stock_turder never runs out of money, bullshit, and his ability to dodge answering questions that require intellect above the 2nd grade level! He's certainly buying. :D
  3. I think this is the last dip, before the market will take a breather. Plus it is friday so it is not going to go up as much as it did since Monday.
  4. This earnings season was a good one by measure of expectations and it's over now...a few things have spurred the markets higher this week since earnings season is ending and likely the market would have drifted a bit, but next week will be interesting as the train that is the market will truly be out of the hustle of earnings and will be in the jungle to decide where to go.
  5. All the energy sucking whatever buyers coming in so late is headlines about buyouts and mergers.
  6. I'm starting to get the feeling you think this is the last straw in the bull cycle here before some sort of correction. I don't find mergers to be reason for such bullishness by any means, especially not such fervent market-wide bullishness.

    You can only spend so much borrowed money to buyout other companies at 50-75% premiums before the market corrects in my opinion...the problem is knowing when that point is.
  7. WTF you think thats funny? I'm getting crushed in this selloff.
  8. mde2004


    I'm buying call options on everything in sight.
  9. You're the ultimate dip buyer then...good luck living in (insert the words YOUR MANSION or THE STREETS here)! :D