Anybody bought or subscribe to services?

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  1. I have been doing some research on the web about various trading services and products to help me be mor profitable. They are not cheap - usually over $1000. I was wonderinf if anybody has used/purchased the following services/products and what their thoughts were? Recommendations?

    1) Gary Kaltbaum - "Intradday Setups"
    2) TradingMarkets "News Reversal Trading Service"
    3) David Floyd's Daytrading Service - "Floyd Numbers"
    4) Kevin Haggerty's "Volatility Bands"
    5) TradingMarket's "Live Alerts"
    6) TradingMarket's "Trader For Life" Program
    7) Don Miller's "How to trade QQQ"
    8) Kevin Haggerty's "Trading with the Generals"
    9) Larry Connor's :Buy the Fear, Sell teh Greed"

    Well..there are many others..but these were the ones that seemed interesting. Any personal experiences would be helpful.
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    I trade the QQQ's mostly and I used to work for Don Miller. Once you learn his style for trading the Q's you won't want to trade anything else. I recommend his service.

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    May I add to seek comment on using 'The Turn Around Artist", (Arne Alsin).
  4. DaytraderNYC, would you please supply the URL's for those sites? thanks.
  5. tell us a little more about Don Miller's QQQ course. why is it so great?

  6. I recommend Tim Ord if you like to swing trade index options.
  7. I sent for his trading record. They returned a sworn affidavit (although unsigned...) for last 10 quarters. It says he made $400,000 in last 10 quarters - that's 2 1/2 years. This isn't that much money for somebody who is selling his services! Hell - I made more money than that in last 10 quarters! Maybe I should start selling my services.
  8. yeah, but it is a miracle for someone who is selling their services...Heck, check out the CFTC web site and read about how almost every single person selling a system, an advisory, etc, etc when audited individually had lost money...
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    I recommend subscribed few months
    great teaching from RAL and great stockcall from jay,u may also try methodtrading with GIO + Don Miller animators

    Good luck
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