Anybody been terrible sick lately

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nealvan, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. nealvan


    Wow I've just felt aweful for like a month now. No energy. I feel like I have the flu but it doesn't feel like a full blown flu. No energy my body feels taxed for energy.
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    It is a winter thing, but this year more pollen to deal with in the south...
  3. It's out here in Hawaii, too.

    Myself, my wife, several friends and family members have lingering colds we just can't seem to shake.
  4. Sounds like mono, chronic fatigue or epstein-barr virus.
  5. I think that's HIV.
  6. Possibly. I can understand how an STD was spread to the wife. Question is - how did it spread to the other family members?? Hmmmm...

    It may also be Rother's disease. After a few weeks of cold-like symptoms, your limbs instantaneously fall off and your eyes turn to liquid.
  7. Sad story. Not a dry eye in the house.
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    lol... Yeah right
  9. nealvan


    I knew someone would say aids. funny funny. Seriously since winter has set in I've felt like a sick dog. I did have running nose early on but that went away. Now I just like have no energy. I'm going to go with more molds. I'm going to take oil of oregano for it.
  10. How can it be "instantaneous" if you've had symptoms for weeks :p

    i think you mean smthg like "...limbs abruptly fall off.."
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