Anybody autotrading spot FX?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by R1234, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. R1234


    I am curious if anybody is doing this.

    In particular I would like to get a feel for:
    1. Which API/platform is popular for doing this
    2. Which broker or dealer do you go with?
    3. What data feeds are reliable.

    I am a newbie to auto-trading and looking to gather the above basic info without getting flamed. :)
  2. Hey sysre - Metatrader is a hugely popular platform for auto trading spot forex.

    Strategy Runner and Tradestation also offer fully automated trading in the fx market.
  3. R1234


    thanks Danny!
    I will check out those leads.
  4. Have you checked out the sponsor of the section yet?
  5. R1234


    I checked out the sponsor tickquest. I did not see that much info on their site.

    Last night I think I might have come up with a cheap and easy solution for autotrading my intraday FX models.

    I went into my Interactive Brokers account and downloaded their API package (did not cost anything!). This API package includes Excel DDE functionality.

    On a spreadsheet I was able to see in cells what my positions are what size, etc. This is huge because I built all my models in VBA macros!

    I also saw a thrid party API ($29 permanent license) that allows you to "push" orders directly from your spreadsheet into Interactive Brokers.

    With the above tools all I need to do is generate a macro to run the model every 15 minutes (that's the sampling frequency I use) on incoming data from IB, run the calcs, and spit out the orders to IB.

    Now I need to make sure this setup will be stable since it will have to run liquid interbank hours from 10pm NY time until 3pm NY time uninterrupted. I think I might buy a dedicated PC where I remove all unnecessary interruptions like screen savers, spyware scanners and other "lurking" processes.

    But down the road I want to still investigate OpenQuant. I was experimenting on it on the free 30 day trial - it looks pretty powerful/robust.
  6. Craig66


    1. Which API/platform is popular for doing this
    >Currently using MT4, I'm in the process of switching everything over to IB.
    2. Which broker or dealer do you go with?
    >IBFX for now.
    3. What data feeds are reliable.
    >Most MT4 bucket shops f**k with the price to some extent, the impact that this has on your trading however depends on your trading style.
  7. Used Currenex via FIX. (Man Financial account)

    Currenex has good support and stable platform.

    I've rarely to talk to Currenex after the certification test.
  8. The site of the most powerful autotrading software available didn't have enough info for you? Ok, good luck with MT4. lol
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    ok I went back to check out tickquest. It does look comprehensive.
    Thanks. I was looking for guidance.
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    It depends on how basic or complex your strategy is. If you're running something simple off of common indicators, MT4 is the way to go.

    I use EasyLanguage for more complex strategies. TradeStation and StrategyRunner are good options... I'd go with strategyrunner for executing FX strategies since you have better broker options. You're stuck with on TradeStation unless you run a bridging program (and pay for it, naturally).
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