anybody a macro / fundamental analyst?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coolweb, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. 1/ your expertise: I'm looking to talk to a few guys who are good with #'s, good with calculating fundamentals, value style like buffett.
    You do the math and the fundamental analysis,

    2/ my expertise: I'll price action analyze it and give you insights on when to buy the shit.

    someone similar to stoneyinvestor, even better with a macro world view (jim rogers). we can invest/trade worldwide.
    PM me , let me know. I'm on skype.

    not too interested in tech analysis traders, but if you are good, we can chat as well.
  2. Fundamentals don't always work with individual companies. A good case is FUQI, a solid company with excellent fundamentals. Unfortunately, nobody wants it. So the stock goes nowhere.

    Regarding the overall economy (US & world), fundamentals will keep you focused on where the stock market should be headed.

    A good authority on economic outlook is Liz Ann Sonders, a Charles Schwab Vice President. Every month or so, you should look at her market commentary. Google her if you have to. I have an account with Schwab, so every once in a while, they e-mail me her outllook.
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    My Wife's account is @ Schwabb. Liz makes sense. Great post!

    Also, check out Bob Doll from Blackrock. I met him when I worked at Merrill Lynch, and he's very good at his commentary. He used to run the Consults platform back then. Looks like Blackrock has the most aum in the World these days.