Any1 interested in making a real time chat room?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by acerbits, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Full voice/video, so people can share ideas and entries/exits real time during market hours. Maybe we can setup a reward structure so the best trader of the month gets a nice new gadget or something and people who offer the most help also get a reward or something.
  2. sounds like a great idea in theory but would probably be very difficult to pull off.
  3. There is a chat room i visit daily.
    You can PM me or you can add the Coach owner in MSN so he can advice you the link.
    The coach msn is
  4. Lucrum


  5. Pekelo


    What do you need video for? Skype business has a version where up to 20 (I think) people can conference...
  6. Probably so he can see charts, if he's serious.
  7. yep, I didn't mean video as in a webcam, it's so people can show their setup and explain what their doing if they wish to.

    You do have to install some client software on your local PC, but it's great for sharing charts, voice, etc.
  9. I'd be interested. Seems interesting.
  10. yes i am all for that so that it would be more interactive
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