Any1 has a chart for US GDP 2001 Q1 to present?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Happy Hopping, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. The data you seek is meaningless. Follow the link below. In that page there are two links...ignore the first link, but pull down the pdf and READ IT...the BEA SIGNIFICANTLY changed the way the GDP is calculated in April of 2010. Comparing GDP numbers before and after that change is now impossible...the change is that big!

  2. Considering the new enhanced calculations of GDP, federal, state, local government spending must be approaching two thirds of true GDP.

    thank you every1. I think the above will do it. Knowing BEA has GDP changes, I expect the above from the Fed themselves made the necessary adjustment, eventhough what I need is just a board picture.

    Although I prefer a quarter percentage change on a vertical barchart.
  4. If St. Louis made "changes" to that historical data...they also are meaningless. The initial surveys for the "older" numbers did NOT include the managers, CEOs, etc. Even St. Louis cannot change history. St. Louis cannot go back in time and get actual survey numbers...from people who are now possibly dead, moved etc. AT BEST St. Louis could "approximate" the difference. Do you really think the "approximations" will show how bad the economy is...or do you think the "approximations" will be the happy go lucky bullsh!t manipulations that we are used to seeing...the ones where "everything is fine in the no attention to the man behind the curtain..."

  5. All I can say is..."survivalists are freaks," ""no problems in the US economy," "we won't have a double dip," "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!"