Any word on the empty pockets of the FDIC?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GEBAKK, May 27, 2009.



    So what's going to happen when the last 18 billion dollars disappear in a few more failing banks?

    Writedowns up to 24% on creditcards @ WaMu (JPM). I think they don't like the high consumerconfidence. It's more like creditcardconfidence. The more you can spend, the more the bank are punished.

    Cons.Confidence ballooning by the state: Only confidence indicators rise, but production indicators keep falling.

    Even dr. Doom saw a bottom later this year. (That's why the markets were an easy 2% down in the markets today?) He doesn't deserve this title. Farrell is much more bearish and has way better arguments.

    But back on topic. Will Obama support the FDIC with billions of taxpayers money?