Any word from Refco Trading Services?

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  1. I just wanted to see if anyone at a Refco trading services offices has any word if things will change for their prop trading arm of their business (used to be MacFutures). Are you still able to get your payouts? Is there any disruption in your ability to trade?
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  3. It's Refco - You're easily able to get your payouts.

    The problem with Refco is that they stopped using TT - which is a big deal for some, small deal for others.

    Refco are still a good prop firm and have nothing to do with a BS "trading arcade".
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering with all the Refco stuff going on right now in the news, freezing withdraws from accts, ect, if it is effecting the traders there at all.
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    You obviously never worked there huh?
  6. Don't know if this applies to refco trading services prop futures business but cnbc just said they are starting to upwind proprietary positions of the firm. Does that include trading at Refco prop futures division (Macfutures)?
  7. business as usual in the mac futures office today, no probs at all withdrawing money. As was touched upon in a previous post people have more of a problem with no longer being able to use TT.
  8. That is good. I know they have a lot of traders and would be sad to see if their were problems.

    Is the no TT thing really effecting the performance of the traders because they were use to TT or is it because the new software has problems?
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    refco pro or refco slow as most traders there refer to as is not very good. traders there arent very happy with it. ..
  10. i trade at refco (mac) in a satelite office. I used TT for 5 years and yes it did take time to get used to Refcopro, but i don't mind it at all.

    As for the business side of things, we have been able to redraw funds, limits haven't been cut and i can still run positions overnight. So no change at all.
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