Any way to improve order execution with IB in wide spread stocks?

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  1. Hi,

    I just recently opened an IB account because of the different ways to direct and configure stock orders.
    I usually trade wide spread stocks with another broker and I've been doing very well recently. However, in IB trades almost never get executed:

    i.e. A stock is trading 25-25.10
    I put an order to buy at 25.03 in both brokers. The other executes almost immediately but nothing happens with IB. This happened in many stocks with wider or narrower spreads.

    (I already tried some direct order routing, adaptive algo, and other parameters)

    Any experienced in that?
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    Yes, run and don't look back!
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    After you enter your order at IB, is the 25.03 bid reflected in the market? What exchange was it sent to?
  4. Sorry but I have to question your comment on the immediate fills unless you have a knack for picking falling knives or trading on a delayed data feed at your old broker. If you are correct then I would stick to your old broker. place your 25.03 bid - get your immediate fill. Then, place a 25.07 offer and get your immediate fill and do it all day long. Or, just tell me who your old broker is and I'll be happy to do that as well.
  5. Yes. I see it reflected thru NDAQ or DirectEDGE.
  6. Of course it doesn't work that way (I'd wish, of course :)) but sometimes I find that opportunity and it works.
  7. Have in mind that some marketmakers put hidden orders. That could be the reason sometimes this works.
  8. now you say sometimes. before you said "The other executes almost immediately"
  9. It's not contradictory: sometimes I put an order and it executes almost immediately in one broker and nothing happens in IB. Sometimes it doesn't happen but, when it happens, it's executed in the other broker.
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    Who is the secret broker?
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