Any way to ignore entire threads?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ER9, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. ER9


    the threads started from individuals on my ignore list still pop up and gets confusing. any way to not see the threads they start?

    if not could i suggest it as a new feature.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yeah, I suppose it could be done but the reason it works like it does is because the thread that the ignored person starts may contain insightful responses from people you think are good posters.
  3. ER9


    true but the guys i put on ignore (only a couple) are complete asses and their threads usually start and end in nothing but flame wars back and forth about absolutely nothing.

    i'd be willing to take the risk theres nothing insightful in their posts :p

    thanks for responding baron.
  4. I'd have to agree with the OP. The folks I put on ignore offer nothing to the community, and the chance their thread will turn into an intelligent discussion is somewhere down around absolute zero. Being able to ignore the entire thread would go a long way.

    It would be much appreciated, Baron.
  5. RL8093


    I agree. StockTrader3 continues to make a case for some permutation of an enhanced ignore feature - example

  6. +1

  7. Please implement this feature.

    Stock_Trad3r and a few other NON-TRADER trolls are destroying this once fine TRADING website.
  8. please add this feature. Its one thing if your reading a response in a thread to someone who is on your ignore list but when you miss the entire first post of a thread it makes no sense. i'm more than willing to risk not seeing an "insightful response" in a bs thread.
  9. Completely agree especially when problematic posters then to not produce threads with any useful info.

    In fact, they attract others that want to debate, argue, personal attack, mud slinging et cetera within the thread based upon the thread starter posting history at ET.

  10. I too agree with the above members comments. This is an excellent website, however, a few of posters have turned many an insightful thread into a mockery. Perhaps, you or one of your moderators could initiate a thread and pose a vote to the other members to obtain their views. I would imagine you would find the majority would favor our request. As an added benefit, those members which many of us have placed on ignore would respond in a manner to validate our request and justify your actions.

    Thank you very much for providing us with this wonderful website and for your consideration of our request.
    #10     Sep 10, 2007