any way to eliminate indictor lag

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    any way to eliminate technical indictor lag, especially on longer duraction charts like 5 min to 1 hour bar charts/ 1000 tick. id rather use longer term charts but technical indictors r unless in long time frames.
    i uses interactive brokers and ninja trader for charting.
    is there software that has solved this problem if its not fixable fr ib/ninja?
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    Sure, eliminate the indicators.

    Alternative course of action, spray some industrial strength "Lag Be Gone" on your charts. Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully though. It's VERY important to wash your hands before urinating. Get that stuff on your penis and you'll be a "minute man" for the rest of your life.

    It actually happened to a friend of mine.
    His wife eventually left him.
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    The guys who figured this out aren't usually going to give it to strangers on the internet for nothing.

    Your best option is to check out the indicators by Mark Jurik at jurikres dot com. They cost money but a lot of customers say they're worth it. For free, your best option is to go with something like Kaufman's moving average or the Kalman filter.
  4. Let the current price bar on the chart be your ultimate "indicator". :cool:
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    there is actually a way to make an indicator a leading indicator

    but I won't tell you

    nothing worth something is free in this life, grasshopper

    you will learn and earn yourself

    or you won't

    its just that simple
  6. ============================
    current price on candles also.
    Works on longer time frames also:cool:

    Also IB tells you to have a 2nd broker;
    agree, especially for quotes
  7. well you could but you would have to rewrite the indicator ....
  8. indicators are a tool to read price action. indicators use historical data, so the 'lag' is something you have to factor in. use indicators as a guide to future price action and manage risk properly.
  9. The best fastest indicator you can find is the proper identification of intraday dynamic support resistance.

    Sounds like voodoo crap, it's not.

  10. don't use them:cool:
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