Any VLO traders here?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by walter4, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Looks like the company is going to miss the earnings, gasoline contracts being dumped big time and crack spread down from $19 to $5.

    Any VLO veterens here? I'd like to get some opinion and share trading ideas.

  2. time to buy.
  3. yes i agree buying opportunity
  4. Dagobert


    Valeo in trouble. Bail !!!!
  5. I agree- price looks tempting.. But what about the crack spread? From $19 to $5 in 3 weeks. Can it go lower? I remember the Feb under $3 cracks - VLO went to $49 at the time.

    I'm wondering if price of gasoline is being manipulated (to tank the refining sector).

    Any gasoline experts here? Comments/advice will be much appreciated!
  6. What's a crack spread? Better question, what does it mean?

    Long VLO and wondering when it will bounce. :)
  7. crack spread is the spread between gasoline and oil. since VLO is a refiner it benefits when the spread is wider, as opposed to an integrated, which has exposure to both crude and gasoline.
  8. Are you an investor or a trader? As a trader, I don't really care about the fundamentals or the crack spread, but rather what my technical indicators tell me. Right now, my indicators say buy.

    As an investor, I might be concerned about the crack spread, which for VLO, isn't as important as they are a refiner of sour crude, not the light sweet like many other refiners.

    All I can tell you is this: don't book any carribbean cruises this fall. Hope that helps.
  9. Good stuff! Thanks for the replys.
    I'll buy some here and add more later.

    Good trading to all!
  10. am lookin at this p.o.s. meself, we'll be all in soon.
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