Any video card recs for 3-monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SWJ12, Oct 3, 2003.

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    I currently have dual monitor setup and want to add a third one. Any video card recommendations that support three monitors, or should I Just get a second video card? Never installed two video cards in one box I don't know if there are any potential problems.

  2. I just did what you said but with 4 monitors. I had a Dual ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Card in the AGP slot using 2 monitors. Then I went out and bought the Dual ATI Radeon 7500 and put it into an open PCI slot. Due to the fact that the ATI cards all run off of the same driver the computer recognized everything just fine and now 4 monitors are connected to one computer.

    The tirck here is I bought the first dual card with the computer when I purchased it from Dell. The second card went for 70 bucks at COMP USA and it does the trick just fine. Make sure the manufactures of your cards are the same so the drivers are the same.

    I dont know exactly what your setup is with your video cards right now..are they dual cards in PCI or AGP slots?
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    I use a Matrox Parhelia for triple monitors, had a few problems on XP but seems to have calmed down( ensure you download the up to date drivers ), problem is when you've got triple you realise you need quad.
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    Matrox p750
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    For those using the Parhelia, are you using analog on all 3 heads, or DVI for the center and analog for the left & right?

    Read the specs on it and I like the Parhelia. But I'm wondering if going with two video cards would be better and have DVI for all 3 LCD monitors?

    I use it for trading during the day but my wife is a graphic artist so I want to get the best for both of us. Of course, I'm also a big time gamer in my spare time! :D
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    all analog, 3 chunky 21 inchers that I'm sure are causing structural damage to my house.

    You can use any mixture of Digi or Analog.
  7. The MATROX website, and most specifically the Troubleshooting Section before purchasing the P750 video card. There seems to be a lot of issues with this card.

    I have a Dell 8300 that came with an Nvdia based AGP card and simply installed another Nvdia based PCI card in my PCI slot.
    No problems with Windows-XP Pro.

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    Is it possible to use Y splitter ?

  9. waggie...

    just bought a new Dell with a Navidia GeForce 5200 128 mb AGP card. I realized after receiving the puter, that I need a dual card, and should have ordered one.

    May I ask which PCI based card you have, where you bought it and whether you had any tech issues/conflicts after installing. I confess to not being a tech guru so don't want a lot of issues involving bios etc. Have heard that if the second card is in the PCI slot, it could give rise to problems.

    Or is it wiser to just get a dual card, and forfeit the GeForce 5200? I have two other computers but they have Win98 , and I don't know if the nvda card will work there?

    Thanks for any info you (or anyone else) can provide here, or PM me!!


    p.s. XP home
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    Send it back to Dell!

    I have a new Dell 8300 and had it factory installed with a Matrox G450 card. I plugged both monitors in with ease.
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