Any US or Canadian prop firms have offices in Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by asiahk, Mar 5, 2006.

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    I traded U.S. government bonds futures and equities futures in NYC, but moved to Hong Kong lately. I am looking for prop firms headquartered in the U.S. or Canada but have branch offices in Hong Kong.

    So far, I know Swift Trade is planning on opening an office in Hong Kong. Does anybody know any other prop firms in Hong Kong? Any input or info. are welcome and helpful. Thx!

  2. The Swift Trade office is already open.... <10 traders when I visited last yr.

    I seriously doubt if there is any other prop firm in HK...
  3. In case you need the address...

    Unit B, 13/F, Times Media Centre,

    133 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai,

    Hong Kong
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    Great! Thx a lot for the info.!!Do you happen to have their phone # too? Thx.

  5. hhho


    i heard the HK office was closed 3 monthes ago
  6. asiahk


    Thanks for the info. HHHoo.

    What a pity!? So they opened for only one year.wondering what happened...Do you know any other prop firms in Hong Kong? Thx.

  7. Honestly speaking, you should really consider trading at home if you need to stay in HK. Prop firms are extremely rare here and this is the only one I hv ever heard of.

    A personal friend of him was hired by a rich guy who dreamed of getting richer after attending a trading seminar in US... but the team folded up several mths later. There may be other cases like this that ppl trade as a team with some financial backup. But it is mostly closed to outsiders and doesn't work as a real prop firm.
  8. asiahk


    It is a good point to trade at home but what kind of platform or services you can get in Hong Kong? How much each month to cover the serives? How about the speed? will the broadband enough or need to install a T1 line?

    Does Xtrader provide services outside the U.S.? Thx

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    what are you looking to trade? broadband here is very good and should be fine with most brokerages.
  10. asiahk


    Mostly U.S. government bonds futures, such as, the 5-yr, 10-yr, or 30-yr, or some equities indices, such as Dow mini etc.

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