Any US equity traders in London ????

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cazdealer, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. cazdealer


    we are 3 guys between 29 and 32 looking for 2 traders that will like to share a trading room with us. We are day-trading the US equities (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and the London stock exchange (LSE) for different prop firms. We are "remote traders" working for US and canadian establish firms.

    The plan is to set up a good and friendly environment to help each of us making money trading. We think it's more motivated to trade with each other (exchange ideas, talk about the markets)
    We are actually located on Old Street next to the City. We have a nice corner office.
    The best will be to meet other daytraders but any other style of trading is welcome.
    drop me a line if you're interested in meeting us
  2. regento


    Hi caz,

    what would be the cost per month ?

    if u can tell me a bit more about the experience ur team got and size of operations.

    I m 42, trading solo mid time for 8 years, more of fundamental & swing trading, with 8 years before with major institutional firms.(platform :tradestation & IB)

    I m based in belgium for the moment, no taxes on capital gains.
    Would be interested to meet you anyway.

  3. cvds16


    it's obvious you don't know the law if you think there are no capital gains taxes in Belgium for pro-traders ...
  4. regento


    it s obvious you don t know the law either !!

    did i say i was a pro trader ?

    you can act as a common investor using professional knowledge and informations
  5. cvds16


    these guys are pro's ... so shut up ...
  6. regento


    and it s obvious there s no one pro trader on this forum site !!

    here guys generally talk only shit and their knowledge of markets are limited, as their financial capital and the number of cells in their brains !!
  7. cvds16


    got this as a PM from the smartass above: 'ur a fucking flamish so i understand now !'
    Told him: 'you are just stupid, I got that allready !'