Any US brokers that allow mini futures?

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  1. I just saw an ad for which allows partial futures contracts (so like you could trade 0.1 ES contracts).

    That is AWESOME. Their commissions were reduced by whatever fraction of a contract you trade. So he said round trip on an ES is $12 AUD, so round trip on 0.1 ES would be $1.20.

    But when I chatted with their tech support he goes "we don't accept US customers."

    So are there any that do? Mini futures would be fantastic to learn whie limiting your losses. Losing 4 points on the ES = -$200. Losing 4 points on .1 ES = $20 who cares :p
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    Trade 5 shares of SPY you dork!
  3. Listing each trade individually for taxes, PDT rule, wash sale rule.
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    I guess you are undercapitalized to trade a WHOLE entire ES?
  5. I'd like to scale in/out and I'm undercapitalized to do that with WHOLE ESs. I have around $22k in my account and I'm not really in the mood to be losing large percentages of it if I hit a 2 point stop loss.
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    A 2PT stop in ES will get hit all day long, learn to recognize high probability trades and use a larger stop.

    Good trading!
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    If you don't want to risk any money, paper-trade. 22K in your account is plenty of capital for you to trade 1 contract, come on...
  8. This is classic... partial ES trades...

    Just another way to suck in some $5000 accounts to bleed a slightly slower death.

    Good idea to target that niche though.
  9. So is the answer then that no, there aren't any US based brokers that allow you to trade mini futures?
  10. I said I want to scale in and out. Can't do that with 1 lots.
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