Any UK based traders on here?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by borriskent, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Just trying to gauge numbers
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  3. Ok thanks very much, I'll set up an account there too.
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    What broker do you use?
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    Yes, I'm in the UK. Was thinking of taking some time off ET as there seem to be very few of us here and I'm not trading like most of the subscribers here.

    T2W is pretty quiet these days. Babypips is more fun but only if you're in forex. Forex Factory is just so annoying.
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    A lot of Trolls on Forex Factory, last time I was on there all basket / martingale strategys and all very passionate and anyone that says won't work gets ran off the site LOL A lot of EA's being sold aswell.
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  7. I'm UK based. Agree with the comments about forexfactory and T2W. I mostly avoid them now; although the US bias on ET can get annoying the posting is higher quality.

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  8. UK based.
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    What broker are you using when saying " Try to gauge numbers?"
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