Any U.S. citezens working in Switzerland

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ScapGF, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I would like to learn about what is required to do so and to see if Swiss firms even bother hiring Americans. This would be for post MBA work at a hedge fund.

    Point me in the right direction!
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    You might try getting a job at an american branch for a swiss firm. Like UBS. and then transferring to switzerland.
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    The focus in Switzerland being private and commercial banking, you might be surprised at how small the hedge fund world is there as compared to NYC/London/Chicago/etc. That said, I have seen quite a few Switz-based jobs posted open to internationals in the quant field (not necessarily for hedge funds, but similar in nature). You may find "equivalent" MBA jobs if you look.

    You can also try your school's alumni network -- get a list of where people are working and ask one of them. Fellow MBA alums tend to be quite helpful, even with someone they've never met.
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    There are a lot of fund of funds in Switzerland. You also have your large banks (UBS, CS) and your private banks (Pictet, Lombard, etc.). Some financial advisors and brokerage houses as well.

    One thing you want to consider is what part of the country because Geneva is a big financial center, but the language is French. Zurich is also big, but it's German. If you don't speak one or the other, do you want to learn French or Swiss German? Lugano is another optin, but they speak Italian there.

    You can get by on english along, but knowing the language will certainly help you in the interview process.

    There are certainly opportunities there, but also a very tight knit circle in the private banks. You are much more likely to get hired by a large bank.

    If you have a book of international institutional clients in the area of options, commodities or forex, you can probably find something pretty quick.

    You might try looking at efinancialcareers, which allows you to search by country. There are a large number of Swiss jobs posted there and you can see what jobs are in demand

    Good luck.