Any TWS API experts out there?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by easyrider, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. This morning when I opened TWS the last price on ES and YM were stuck on 1129.5 and 10475 respectively and they have remained there all day. NQ last price is ok. Bid and ask on all are ok. I use Sierra charts and Buttontrader and both have worked fine up till today. Sierra charts are not updating as they apparently update off of last price. I closed Sierra and Buttontrader, uninstalled TWS and reinstalled it. No help. I opened TWS on my other computer and it was the same. I went to my mother's computer and pulled up the TWS browser platform and the last price was still stuck. This tells me that something is wrong at IB's end but they say they cannot find anything wrong. Any ideas?
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    My quotes look o.k.
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    Are you pulling quotes from API or TWS?
  4. Yes. Everybody elses quotes are fine but there has to be something wrong at their end if I go to a computer that has never had any 3rd party software on it or TWS and log into the browser based platform and those two last prices are still stuck.

    abogan: I am talking about the TWS platform itself.
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    hmm... That's weird! I just logged on and my prices are also fine!
    I don't know what to say. Let me think.
  6. Reading posts about IB on ET reminds me of an old western movie. Invariably the hero's sidekick tries to reform the town whore.:D
  7. Went away the next day...
  8. thx. electron. Im hoping that will happen. Do you use any third party software?
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    I think I know what it is!. Its in your temp java files! These files are updated only once a day by IB. It will correct it self tomorrow for sure.
  10. I suspect it is something like that. It makes me wonder about IB support.
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