Any Turtles here?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mizhael, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Any Turtles here?

    What are your recent experiences of the Turtle trading systems?

    I just finished reading the Turtle book and got a few questions unanswered by the Michael Covel book:

    1. Did the Turtles do their calculation based on continuous contracts or individual contracts? Because they were trading futures, there are basically two possibilities: (1) individual contracts, or the continuous contracts which are constructed by stitching the individual contracts together.

    2. When Turtles entered the markets, did they enter at market open or market close/settle or intraday, all in the next day? When they stopped out, they stopped out at market open or market close/settle or intraday, all on the same day or the next day?

    3. In the book, it was mentioned that every time when their equity drop by 10%, their reduce their risk by 20%. But it didn't mention when would they restore the risk to the original risk level?

    Any Turtles please shed some lights?

    Thank you!