Any Troubles with IB TWS 865?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gszabo, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. gszabo


    I am having troubles with TWS 865. I had to download it this morning and it took 6 minutes to come up. Once up it lost the connection to the server several times this morning.

    I run TWS from behind a firewall. I tunnel through the firewall with an SSH tunnel to my home computer. I have been doing this for some time with no problems until I started using TWS 865.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. Go back to 864.?. No problems with it today.
  3. gszabo


    I am running this on a Linux box. I just downloaded TWS 865 on a laptop and ran it over the same connection. It ran great.

    There is a bug or some issue with the Unix build.

  4. dhpar


    I hate the new look - like for small kids... I'd love to see IB TWS to stay as "raw" as possible.
    FX trader is great though....
  5. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    No real issues. Only one is that every time I log off, it asks if I'm sure because I have an open position. I suppose it's the .48 YEN that I have in the account for months.


    But I like the new look.
  6. new icons are atrocious imo. much better the old one...aside from the chart and market icons the rest is a fist in the eye and not exactly very well designed.
  7. dhpar


    if i remember well you can switch this warning off in Config-->Misc...
    you have bad taste :)
  8. vivimos


    I use BookTrader for YM futures and always include a bracket with my orders. Under 865 the stop order is created at the same price as the limit order which caused shorts that I initiated to be closed immediately upon being filled.

    I went back to 864.7 and everything worked fine as before.

  9. DAV

    DAV ET Sponsor

    This is a bug and will be fixed in the next Beta.

  10. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    I'm all alone with my bad taste. :(

    OK, the Booktrader Icon could use a rework.
    #10     Dec 13, 2006