Any Trading Related Q&A Sites Like Quora and Esp. Stack Exchange?

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  1. Stach Exchange have 94 thematic sites, some of them are pretty interesting:
    It's Quora for specific topics.

    Askbot offers you a free platform to do a Quora/Stack Exchange like Q&A site:

    Is there a good one on trading? Haven't found it yet. Maybe we should do it? Ideas? Comments?
  2. EliteTrader is great but I would like to see some other sites too. I cannot find much anything else beyond Big Mike Trading and Trade2Win.

    Since EliteTrader has informal chat well covered (and more of course), I would like to see a new site with more in-depth serious discussions. Personally I would like to see active moderation to eliminate off-topic responses and keep everything constructive and positive only. I do not want to spend time on the entertainment aspect or humor, attacks, etc.
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  4. Same here, how to proceed is question?
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    I am not a member, but I would think a pay site like Big Mike's might be the best bet. Is anyone a member there? Recommendations?

    I think having to pay a small nominal fee might keep a lot of the rif-raf out
  7. I think the need is particularly there for an in-depth options discussion site.

    There are definitely some excellent threads and posters on options here on ET, some of whom go to a lot of trouble to post trade logs and contribute to discussions, but whole areas of options still seem to get left out or covered very thinly compared to the range of what is out there on blogs and videos, and could be discussed too.

    Maybe this could be done here on ET with more effort. I think that some of the problem on ET is that any off-topic post or attack or diversion is considered fair game and just fine, so that threads tend to break down in acrimony or wander off-course after a while because it is hard to keep a serious discussion on-topic and non-confrontational.

    I would advocate that ET experiment with some proactively-moderated forums.
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    Or start a thread here with the subject that would provide you with the serious discussion you are seeking.

    I will participate and have the skillset and background.
  9. I really wish SeekingAlpha would host a forum ... best site I've found for articles and good discussion on the articles.

    Seems like there are so many sites like ET but none (even ET) that have enough critical mass to make a really great site.
  10. this is more of a free market... and i like it that way... you get all the wacko's but they do very well in removing spammy advertising.. you make friends with people that help you.. I personally think real traders aren't advertising anything nor do they typically spend alot of time teaching.. i'm not completely closed minded when it comes to a more structured thread on options.. more of a wiki kind of thing .. where it would be regulated such that false information or off content information would be removed.. i've learned a ton from tangent discussions.. your mind was made to roam i think.. Then what we would be having some authority to argue with and deal with.. if you want a mentor or someone to hold your hand just say it.. i'm sure someone will hold your hand... people have for me .. but i grease the hell out of the wheels with questions..
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