Any trading ideas to make $50,000 fast?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TheSorcerer, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I have $50,000 that I am willing to lose for a 90% chance at $100,000 in a short time (less than a year), where I am willing to risk a 10% chance of losing everything. I am looking for a 100% bet.., but I am willing to lose it as well. help...

    The effort has to be minimal as I am not able to focus on the markets during day time. I am looking for that one big idea that you may have and is willing to share... THANKS...
  2. If you send me the 50k I will return you 100k within 6 months but there is a 10% chance that I wont....

    pm me for my bank details.
  3. GTS


    Holy crap that is funny!

    OP, don't you think if such a risk/reward opportunity was available everyone would be all over it?
  4. 10% is unrealistic, if you are patient you might find a 1:1 risk/reward bet with 25% chance of failure.
  5. Minimal time to spend, near 100% chance wanted. Double your money.


    No wonder your nick here is "the Sorcerer". Wave that magic wand, baby!
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    Gold just broke out.
  7. I'm serious dude!
  8. hilarious.
  9. Is this Jack? :D
  10. Take a guess on a futures market, head over to Global and get $300 margins and off you go.

    You'll know fairly quickly whether the bet worked or not.
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