Any trading groups in New York metro area?

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  1. I was interested in meeting with other e-mini traders in the New York metropolitan area and thought this forum would be a good place to inquire. Seems there are quite a few groups in Southern CA but I'm not aware of any around here. If anyone is aware of trader groups in the NY metro area please post a reply.
  2. I scalp CL and ER2, live in New York and also would like to meet other short term traders.

  3. I run a group from my own living room (in Hoboken), so far its just one :)
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    I live in Brooklyn. Let's set somethig up one of the evenings in manhattan.
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    Didn't you have a group that you were mentoring before? I think I saw your recruiting "ad" here on ET about a year ago.
  6. I am in downtown Manhattan and would drop by if you guys do something
  7. Yeah, I gave that a shot but found out that it wasnt lucrative at all and too much work. We had some nice guys with good intentions to trade but some of them missed too many days, and we picked up their fees for awhile and it just wasnt worth it in the end.

    Plus, and more importantly, I wanted to trade futures and needed all the time I could get to dedicate to learning.

  8. When any of you guys be up for a quick meet up and maybe a few tips for touring the Financial district in NYC??

    I'm coming in on Monday the 20th from Vancouver, Canada and it would be great to meet a real NYC trader!

    It would awesome to get a real feel for Wall Street outside of the tourist type stuff.

  9. I second that.

    Weekday evenings are good for me.

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    I'm getting into mechanical trading systems. Live in NYC. Would be great to discuss ideas.

    There is a site called
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