Any trading firms in Tampa or Orlando?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by drase, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. drase


    I can't find any, wondering if anyone knows of any?
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    I am assuming you would like to trade from an office. Have you tried googling it? My best guess would be Assent, they are everywhere. You can trade with or without series 7.
  4. drase


    Yes, Assent has an office in S FL but that is hrs away from Tampa or Orlando.
  5. gimp570


    there are no trading offices in the tampa area..

    not like the good old days
  6. Just moved from Orlando, and can say that there are no trading offices that I had ever heard of. I was there for quite a while, but I could have missed something. Doubt it though.
  7. empee


    juggernaut trading has one
  8. dealmaker


    Its seems most prop firms just have offices in NYC with few excpetions e.g. Bright has an office in Miami and Assent has offices just about everywhere.
  9. drase


    I was contacted about this firm ( that recently opened in Orlando.

    There training is with and trades thru JC Trading.

    $7500 total deposit. 5k capital deposit. 2.5k training fee.

    $150-$250 desk & software fees per month, I can't remember right now to be exact.
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    Where at? I looked on their website and I just see a NY address.
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