any trading firms in miami?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rgr1015, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. rgr1015


    I will be moving down to miami next month, and I am looking for a trading firm(s) in Miami.
  2. r u kidding? The only thing there's more of is pretty Cuban women!
  3. rgr1015


    I like what I hear? Can you shoot me any names (of firms) in particular?
  4. O wait they may all be closed by now :D

    I don't know who's in Miami proper and who's in the burbs. In that corridor you have Generic, Domestic, Worldco...
  5. Check our website, and you'll see that we are alive and well in Miami. We just moved to a bigger location so we can accomodate more traders.

  6. and of course....Bright.
  7. Thank you for remembering us....(geez, what do I have to do around here?) :)
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    That is one thing that there is no short supply of. The women here are Outstanding as to beauty.... Wish I were young and single again..

  9. They will empty your wallet quicker than the market. And you can throw honesty out the window.
  10. cartm


    I have been considering a move down there for a while now, there or ft lauderdale, Im in my 20s been trading for a while, not interested in a prop firm, but would like to hear from any traders down there, I dont believe in that distraction bs, u either want to do this or u dont. What I would be most interested in is leasing office space with someone, or if someone knows a good place to do so, if I moved I would want to become active in the community, chamber of commerce stuff like that. I like beaches, women and trading, and those 2 places seem to offer it, I thiink Ft lauderdale does I know Miami does, any info appreciated. Also, the taxes are a good thing.
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