Any Trading company to join in Manhatten?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rafael3000, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I am looking a day trading firm to join in downtown or midtown manhatten that doesn't require any capital from my side. Do such firms exist??
    another question, how nuch can i expect to make or loose in the first year, do people usually succed or fail in the first year.
  2. Its going to be hard to find one with zero money down but there are 1 or 2 out there I think. The deals are going to be very poor in your favor and you won’t make money in your first year on them.
  3. It might also be hard when one can't spell "Manhattan" or more importantly, "lose".
  4. "efficiency" if you so smart and efficient:) what are you doing on the forum, you should be making tons of money and make it efficiently:)
  5. Smart is preferable to smart ass. However Juan Valdez does know the value of a smart ass as he loads burlap bags full of beans to transport down the winding trails while brushing against dew-covered leaves high in the Andes.

    The suggested "spelling" might be a bit helpful, particularly on a resume. They're not going to hire anyone that can't spell "lose"

    136 posts over nearly 3 years doesn't exactly suggest I'm a troll.

    What makes you think I'm not a money maker?
  6. Tuneman


    Spelling on the internet: Serious Business
  7. Nice efficiency. I have seen the word "troll" thrown around a lot never knowing what it exactly referred to until your usage and a little consult from the urban dictionary. It really does make you wonder how some people on ET have been members for five months and have logged over a thousand messages. Couldn't achieve those averages if I tried.