Any traders with ADD/ADHD?

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  1. On some slow days, I have serious trouble watching the markets for al ong period of time. Does anyone else have this problem? I do think that this a legite thread considering...
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    Yes, I do. The times when I day trade I tend to catch all the big moves and make big bucks and then lose a lot of it when the market really isn't going anywhere because I never have the patience to wait for movement. Don't know how to keep me from trading when I shouldn't, haha.
  3. Like anything else it takes practice and good physical fitness. It took me four years to get to the point where I could concentrate for 6+ hours. Drinking a lot of coffee or tea cause problems later in the day.
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    I think boredom is the biggest cause of overtrading among discretionary day traders.
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    I would have to agree, when bored one is able to see trades that aren't there, basically forcing the market; a bad idea
  6. great insight.
  7. Ah ha so I am not the only one chopping my self up on a distributiuon day like today...good to know. :eek:
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    i have fairly serious ADD. The way I compensated for it as a trader is to find a niche where I only trade the opening. Many ADD people have the ability to hyper concentrate for brief periods of time. Id rather use that burst in one fell swoop (or a few in the course of the day) rather then go nuts sitting around all day. If someone with ADD has to trade all day then it is very helpful to work out in the middle of the day and avoid junk food.
  9. I had severe ADD as a child and now live ADD free. I was officially diagnosed as having ADD and now they say I'm fine. I can do anything, comprehend anything, et cetera. ADD may seem very real to you and it is. But it can be over come over a period of years with hard work and persverance. If you really want to change it, get rid of your tv and live your days in a repetitive pattern. Read constantly, and slowly, but I think certainly, you will overcome ADD.

    ADD is a common postmodern affliction and is very natural. It may mean that you are ultra senstive which is a good thing. You just have to work through it.
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    Well there are many over the counter as well as prescription medications available to take care of ADD. I tried a few over the counter, didn't really help my trading.

    ADD I believe is a very real problem among traders, in trading I find there are prolonged periods of boredom and short periods of activity. Its not easy to switch gears.
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