Any traders who use Keltner,Fibonacci, and Elliott

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    Hello, My name is Mark, I a 35 YO S&P trader looking to chat with others with a similiar trading style. I have traded at the Merc and Board for eight years, decided to leave my trading firm, and trade on my own back in Seattle. Moderately active trader. Successful looking for like minded people

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  2. I use fibs, but still rather new to it.
  3. If you swing, Elliott Wave analysis on 60 min chart can be very useful (and profitable).
  4. welcome demarco......actually fibs,keltners,price action & a couple ma`s are my bread & butter.............could`nt trade without them.

    fibs alone are excellent for entries & are just as if not more imporatnt for exits......fib confluence or two sets of fibs create fib confluence & are amazingly accurate on between the 40% & 60%....HOD to LOD & from active hi/lo to HOD/LOD.
  5. What kind of fibs do you use?: time zones, fans, channels, clusters, arcs, retracments / extensions?...
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    Elliott Wave analysis is great to look back and trade using a Rear View mirror!
  7. KeltnerATR is a staple of mine.
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  9. primarily retracements as well as used for profit taking zones.......intra day futures markets are amazingly accurate when it comes to fibs.
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    What's your opinion on Fib Retracement for stocks? Thanks. I use that at times.

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