Any traders living in Costa Rica

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  1. Use to live there. In San Pedro (Near University of Costa Rica). Wondering if any other traders are there? Had one awesome time living there
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    me too .. great place..
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    A little late responding, but I am a US expat living in Guanacaste. Actually trying to find some traders to open up a small office. I am not talking about mingling accounts or any of that BS. Just looking for individuals who want some office space and want to split the rent/utilities.
  4. If you set up a place let me know.....I am flying down after the first of the year to look at a few places on the west side. TIA!
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    The west side of CR or of San Jose?

    The Commercal real estate market here is ripe for setting up an office. A 700sq ft very nice office space with 24hr security will run around $700/month. The only problem is the fastest "retail" internet speed available anywhere in CR is only 4meg. There are 10meg fiber optic lines available, but they start at $500 initial charge and $250/month.

    I am too small of a trader to swing that kind of expense myself. It makes sense if I could round up 10 guys or I miss being around other traders.

    Anyway...Im in Playa Del Coco. If you make it around send me a PM and we will grab a beer. Pura Vida.
  6. Perfect.....sounds great!

    West side of CR that is.
  7. what's the attraction there in CR? How is it better than Florida for instance?
  8. OUTSIDE of the US. :cool:

    Have a place in US and a place outside of US.........diversify! :)
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    Very few Americans. Unprocessed food. Mostly undeveloped land. Genuinely friendly people. Pristine beaches. Amazing scuba diving. Beautiful waters. Very stable political and financial system. Much cheaper cost of living. High quality medical care at a very small fraction of the US price. Parrots. Monkeys.

    The local moto is "Pura Vida" which translates to "Pure Life". It embodies everything about Costa Rica. Happiness always comes before obligations.

    Most type A personalities will hate CR.
  10. How's food? Is local food healthy eating?
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