Any traders in UK Midlands area???

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Mins, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Mins


    Hey, i am still a newbie trader, and due to the fact im learning from home i have little contact with other traders.

    Any traders in the UK, near Birmingham please respond or PM me.

    Just a little bout me so you realise im not a freak lol
    Im 23 fresh out top University with a degree in Economics, currently doing my own business: property development. Lots of free time to learn about trading.

    Would like to meet traders of similar age to me and in the midlands region, im still a newbie trader so obviously if someone is in the same position as me it would be helpful to have discussion to help us move forward in the markets. Conversely, any trader who is experienced who has the heart to help out a newbie, im willing to learn and take much needed advice.

    Anyway this is probably a shot in the dark as this is predominantly US forum but who knows there maybe someone in the same situation as me.

  2. Central London here
  3. Central London here as well,

    Talking of hook ups met a guy who is doing CFD's in a £200K + account from public library........over 3 years now..........:eek:
  4. Mins


    lolol i might be a newbie but come on trading in a public library! I hope he is position or swing trading and not day trading.
    And using CFDs, wow that quite a risk £200k+ - i hope he not too attached to his money.

    Anyway on a side-note wondering what market you may trade? I want to day trade London stock exchange but stamp duty effectively prevents that.
    Im currently trading the YM and things are progessing well, can't believe how much i have learnt since i started. Luckily i actually enjoy reading all these books compared to the ones i studied for my Economics degree at Uni :D

  5. He is swing he was institutional for 4/5yrs

    I flip IPO's ( on HKEx and BSE ) and have 4 medium to long term systems trading other markets (from pork bellies to Mexican Peso). LSE could be daytradable but l think there is a smaller universe of stocks to select from. lts important to enjoy the markets and trading as well...