Any Traders in the Fairfield County Area

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by BMWtrading, May 14, 2005.

  1. Any traders around the fairfield county area, who want to start a small investment club to discuss ideas and views?
  2. I have set up a small IM group that discusses trades throughout the day if you want to be added please PM me and let me know had some good feedback and the information could be useful to day traders and even long term traders.

  3. Is that Fairfield County in Connecticut??

    If so then YES!

    Contact me JMB
  4. tomcole


    Interested as well.
  5. coerver


    count me in. i am in stamford trading futures. whrere are u guys??
  6. I'm also interested!
  7. I propose to call our club the "Metro-Northers"!:D
  8. don't invite this guy, next thing you know he'll be breaking out the "...and boy are my arms tired" jokes...
  9. I am in Westport , ct... You guys?
  10. Old Greenwich.
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