Any traders in the Denver Metro area?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by fmbarron, Nov 21, 2002.

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    Are there any traders in the Denver Metro Area that would like to share ideas?
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    Highlands Ranch, Co

  3. there is a group of traders that meets in Denver very regularly....

    I will get you the info later if you don't have it, they are good and very active group. Mainly swing traders, and blackbox types, as well as option strategies.

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    Please provide me with info on this group.

  5. Now I know the source of your Elite handle. Red Wings rule dude we kicked your A&% last year.

    Had to get that in as I lived in Denver for the whole 90's and suffered greatly as a born and bred Detroit boy living in the heart of bandwagon loving Avs fans.
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    Could I also have this information

  7. Will get info to everyone out the door here before the traffic onslaught.

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    I'm from Fort Collins, which is about 1 hour north. There's a pretty active group of about 20 that meets up here twice monthly. We meet at a bar, talk trading, pore over charts and trading strategies, eat, and drink beer for about three hours on Tuesday nights. :)

    Denver used to have a SIG (Special Interest Group) that grew out of an Omega and Metastock group merger. That has since merged into the general MTA (Market Technicians Association). So, those meetings will have all sorts of traders of differing interests. See (I am not a member, but I do the website and mailing lists for them). The meetings range from 30 to 50 attendees. You don't have to be a member to participate; I'd guess that no more than half of the attendees are members.

    If you are interested in daytrading and prop firms, the Denver office for Bright Trading is about 20 strong and has some very good traders.

    Finally, there's a group run by Ron Rossway that meets weekly on Thursdays. They were built around Vector Vest software, but I know the meetings run on various topics. They've had meetings with over 100 people in attendance.
  9. Denver trading group is the one I was talking about. I have been to both, but ususally the MTA there is just 10 bucks at the door, and like Dave said above they get a lot of attendies that aren't members.

    The DTG meets once a week, which is about as active a bunch as you could hope to find, I guest lectured there and been to some of their meetings.

    They are not a hyperactive trading group, but they have some members that do credit spreads and other strategies that are interesting indeed.

    Usually about once a month Ron is able to pull in a really knowledgable speaker and the meeting moves around to different libraries and such which is kind of nice.