Any traders in South Florida?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by En3rgy_Trader, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Have just relocated to the South Florida area and am wondering if there are any traders who might want to get together and possibly share ideas.
  2. I live in Sarasota and I trade for a living ... options on futures :)
  3. daybyday


    I am in Largo.

    I currently am not trading but wish to return to it at the earliest opportunity.

    I would enjoy talking with fellow futures traders.
    I was trading ES.
  4. I live in Bradenton. Trade futures mostly (CL)...
  5. It sounds like you three are all in the same area, but I am on the East Coast--perhaps you could get together with one another. Thanks for all of your replies.

    Anyone on the Atlantic coast?
  6. presto


    I live in Boca Raton.

    En3rgy_Trader, I just sent you a pm.
  7. seemasp


    I live in Jupiter and trade cl, es mainly....Please pm for more info....
  8. Hey Energy Trader,

    I'm in Miami and still educating myself for a career as a Trader. I have the will to learn and would like to talk to others in the area.
  9. Schaefer


    Part time "piker", here in Coral Springs (Broward County) :D

    NQ, YM and 6E when work permits during daytime, Nikkei Mini and STW in the evenings.

  10. Hi:

    In Delray Beach and looking for folks who day trade via Stockfinder, Investor/RT or similar software to work with on formulas and signals.

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