Any Traders In S.W. Ontario Out There ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by MACD_addy, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Just trying to get an idea of how many Canadian traders out there are from Southern Ontario. Heck, interested in Canadian traders period.

    How bout a head count and an idea of how long people have been trading, and their vehicle (trading) of choice.

  2. Kingsville area .

    There is a thread titled, "Canadian Day Traders on Elite Trader", which would give you some idea of the Canucks here.
  3. hermn


    Hanging out in Essex County, Canada's Sunparlour.
  4. I used to trade from Brantford, now I trade from South Beach (Miami) and Freeport, Bahamas. And even on the days I lose, hey, it beats shovelling snow. yes, I realize I should change my username.......

  5. Nice touch Canadian dude, love the South Beach thing. I didn't think that anyone other than the "Great One" made it big outside of Brantford. Sounds like your doing alright, wait a minute................... hey is that you Wayne!

  6. Toronto calling :D
  7. London, Ontario here.
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    Hey, hit the call waiting button - you got another Toronto call coming in.:D
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  10. I used to live in Kannata. I went back last summer break and it looks like Silicon Valley...
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