Any traders in Perth?

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  1. hi there,

    anybody living/trading from Perth? How is it? What's good/bad about the city/region?

    Would you live somewhere else in Australia?

  2. Yeah,

    I'd be really interested in hearing about Perth as well. Its on my short list of next place to move.

  3. bolter


    I grew up in Perth - but now live in Singapore. I know a few guys who trade from there but I don't believe the trading community is large by any means.

    It's absolutely sensational place to live if you love the great outdoors. Perfect weather and some of the best beaches in the world. Notwithstanding Australia's high level of taxation Perth is a relatively inexpensive place to live. It is kinda small (1 million+) and very remote which would bother some people.

    The time zone could be a challenge - depending which markets you prefer to trade. Nikkei & Hang Seng open at 7:45am and 9:30am respectively, Dax opens at 4:00pm and US equities at 10:30pm. The local equity future (SPI200) is a bit pedestrian for day-trading but great for eod trading.

    I have lived in Melbourne and Sydney but would still rate Perth #1 purely based on lifestyle.
  4. MTE


    I used to live in Perth, but moved to Europe a few years ago due to work-related reasons.

    I second Bolter, livestyle-wise, definitely in the top 2 cities in Australia. Melbourne would be my other choice.

    Trading community is not big, mining is though.:D
  5. Perth is nice but its hard to beat the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

    Downside: more humid in summer. Not as good a time zone for trading european markets and EUR(/USD) in european morning.
    Upside: nearer everything else :) great boating environment, beautiful warm winters, surfing, etc etc. Better timezone for trading spi, sgxnk, hsi.

    The Florida of Oz but a little cooler and without the population.

    There seem to be quite a number of traders around here but like everywhere I don't think many are successful with it.
  6. NZ also on short list, but water too damn cold.

    A major reason for my Perth interest is it has some of the best windsurfing on the planet (as does Kiwiland).
  7. muscle bunny

    muscle bunny Guest

    I presently live in Perth, Western Austraila.
    Been here just over 4 years this time, 5 years previously.
    Came from Auckland, NZ.
    Perth has a fantastic climate, great beaches, everything going for it other than a not so crash hot night life. They call this city Dullsville due to lack of big city type entertainment.
    For me that OK as I'm an outdoorsy type of guy, swimming, snorkelling, mountain bike etc.
    I trade equities on the ASX, have for several years, I don't trade derivatives. At present due to daylight saving, the market over here opens @ 7:00AM and closes 1:00PM.
    If there is anything I can assist with feel free to ask.
  8. I wanted to know what Perth was like in the winter time (June-Sep)?

    As it seems a great outdoor summer place, but I suppose this wont be the same then.

    What are living expenses like in Perth, compared to other oz cities/new zealand?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. nravo


    Guts, I'm sure I will check out Perth at some point, but it looks like I am moving to Syndey and I wonder why Perth and Melbourne get the nod over Sydney for best places to live in AUS. I'm coming from South Florida, so the water, beach, warm thing I take for granted. After five years, I could use some -- a little -- nightlife and sophistication. Thoughts?
  10. muscle bunny

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    Quote from YeahIknow:
    I wanted to know what Perth was like in the winter time (June-Sep)?
    As it seems a great outdoor summer place, but I suppose this wont be the same then.
    What are living expenses like in Perth, compared to other oz cities/new zealand?

    June –Sept can be quite wet and cold, these are the coldest periods and wouldn’t suggest this as an ideal time to visit. However one can move up the coast 1500 km’s and the climate is fantastic as well as the scenery . Many of the locals head up that way – the Grey Nomads – retirees etc.
    Darwin is another great spot during winter, anywhere up near the top.
    However, ‘up top’ is very expensive. Everything!
    Perth is OK as far as living expense from my point of view (Kiwi) but for a Yank it is expensive. I have a work colleague who lives in Oklahoma who visits here for business and he reckons this place is expensive.

    The beaches here are mind blowing!

    There is a resource boom going on over here ATM, WA (Western Australia) is very much a mining state.
    House prices / rents are going through the roof. Now more expensive than Sydney or Melbourne.
    There is plenty of work here, if you are prepared to work in a mining related industry or anything that offshoots that. Servicing the mines and miners –food etc
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