Any traders in Paris?

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  1. Hi there....

    trading for a couple years in manhattan and miami beach now but am going to move to paris for a bit and am going to trade from there...guessing i'll have to do it from my apartment but was wondering if anyone know of any prop shops over there (i know there was a thread about this like 4 years ago but i'm guessing things have changed since then)

    Anyone trading over there? want to meet up? can give me any advice?
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    I'm a former trader at Refco Paris a few year ago before the all things collaspse .I'm afraid Paris 's not the best place to be for this sort of activity because of the lack of people doing that professionally !
    Anyway, welcome in Paris & enjoy your time here !
  3. I am American living in Paris. I do consulting work part time and trade part time. If you or anyone else in Paris wants to meet for lunch or a café send me a PM.

    I have some extra space here and wouldn't mind turning it into a trading room but I'm just outside of Paris (92) so the location might not be ok for others.