Any traders in Nashville, TN?

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  1. Just a shout out to see if anyone trading here located in/around the Nashville, TN area (where I am). Feel free to post/PM me if you are.
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    I know this was posted a while ago but figured I would take a shot, however it isn’t trading related. How do you like living in Nashville? I currently “live” in Chicago but travel 100% during the week for work. I am sick of traveling and my lady is sick of Chicago. If it were up to me I would stay in Chicago and change jobs until I can solely trade for myself (approx 2 yrs away hopefully) but I want to keep her happy and she suggested Nashville. My question is how much does a place typically cost (rent) and where do people live (down town/ or burbs). I figured if we end up there I would rent for a year or two and then figure things out from there. I have done some research on places but am unsure of the different neighborhoods. We are 27 and so would be looking for a social area initially and then a place with good schools soon after.

    Any help would be appreciated
  3. My knowledge of Nashville is a bit dated but I did live there 13 years.

    Houses are 100-300k or so. Single folks tend to live in the city. Family types and single cheapskates live in the suburbs. You'll need a car, even if you live in the city. Cost of living is much less than Chicago.
  4. I am in Mid TN, moved here 1.5yrs ago from Orlando. We live 30 min south of Nash in Franklin. Very nice area with highly rated schools. Can find neighborhoods in this area with houses in mid 200's all the way to >1mil. Can get a very nice house + acre or two in the 500K range. Property taxes are low & 0 income tax. State & county sales tax = 9.25%.

    Franklin/Brentwood area very family oriented, Franklin more so than Brentwood. Brentwood tends to be a little pricier than Franklin in general. We are younger, but have 3 children & Franklin presented itself as a great place to raise a family, which has held true to date.

    If younger w/no kids & don't want the burbs than Downtown Nashville has some fun areas, but for resale public school system is the horrible. The night life is entertaining in the area & not what most are used to because country music is so prevalent.

    In general TN is an entirely different lifestyle than where I was in FL. Friends from CHI have said the same thing. Generally speaking the people down here have a different value set than other places around the country & good old southern hospitality seems to be ingrained in everyone. I am speaking more for Franklin than else where in the area as that is what I am familiar with.

    The only way you'll like it is if you really want a different kind of lifestyle.

    Any other questions & I will try to help.